BODY CONFERENCE in Bruges | 11th-12th September 2013

Closing conference of the BODY project

11th-12th September 2013
Bruges, Belgium

Application deadline for support for participants: 30th April 2013

A conference on culture, body, gender, health, sexuality in adult trainings…

BODY is a two-year Grundtvig project, which is funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig. The BODY project has the overall aim to explore how our perception of the body and body-related themes such as health, disease, gender, age, sexuality and disability is influenced by cultural differences and on the same affects our intercultural communication. Furthermore, the goal is to provide exemplary knowledge and experience on how professionals can handle cultural differences linked to the body in an appreciative and respectful way, when being in contact with citizens and users. It may apply to adult teachers and trainers as well as counsellors, integration workers, health workers, social workers, job consultants, sexual supervisors, disability consultants and other frontline staff all over Europe.
Based on the specific method of critical Incidents proposed by Margalit Cohen-Emerique, the partners in the BODY project have collected and analysed a large number of concrete examples of how professionals in many different contexts have experienced and handled “culture shock” in reference to cultural perceptions of the body and body-related themes such as disability and sexuality etc. We also identified a wide range of examples that illustrate how people around Europe through professional cultural encounters have developed best practices to accommodate cultural differences in body language and body image. The best practices all operate in the intersection between culture and body where intercultural empathy and respect have overcome the communication challenges and barriers that traditionally are known to be linked to the specific communication of the body.

We invite to participate:
Trainers involved in adult education, in particular working with multicultural groups
Teachers, trainers of body-related activities (dance, sport, yoga etc.)
Social workers, health professionals performing educational activities
Students of adult education

Why participate?
• Propose interactive workshop sessions
• Bring your practices, approaches to share with others
• Come to attend and exchange with others, learn from others

How to participate?
For participants involved in adult education in LLP countries individual mobility grants can be applied for at your national agencies. The deadline for applications is the 30th of April. You will need to attach a letter of acceptance on behalf of the organiser Elan Interculturel at www. . Please contact us by the 28th of April to leave time for the issuing of the acceptance letters.

more information how to apply in Hungary for financial support to participate at the conference :


The conference includes:
Plenary sessions
Open space for discussions and exhibition
Interactive workshop sessions

more information about the conference program:

The conference is up in the Grundtvig catalogue here: reference number: FR-2013-444-001


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