Let These Survivor Women Teach You About Your Beauty

photo: David Jay

“Did you ever hear this silent voice in your head telling you your boobs should be perkier, your butt rounder, your tummy more flat, your lips fuller etc. ? If you know this voice then read on & take a close look at the following women who survived breast cancer. You will look at your own body in a new way.” Adina Rivers

David Jay is a renowned photographer. His models usually looked like this: Perfect

Three years ago one of his best friends got diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 29 years old. Jay closely experienced the fight & victory of his friend over the cancer. It must have changed him in many ways. To this day he has photographed more then 100 young women and survivors of breast cancer gone through hell and back.

His project “SCAR” (Survivor Cancer) pictures the difficulty of this fight and the scars – emotionally & physically – left behind. It is an ever touching project and almost feels as if the women in the pictures are talking to me; telling their stories of pain, victory, pain, victory.. and strength.

Look the women in these pictures in their eyes. Look deeper. See the beauty, not just the pain.

More pictures and more about this project at my tiny secrets

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