“In between your legs” at Queeristan Festival

Amanda-Palmer_tasmaniaworkshop…for all queer folks and anyone who is interested.

Saturday, 29 May 2014; 12.00-14.00

at Queeristan Festival, Amsterdam


What does queer, trans, bi-, hetero, asexual mean when it comes to the body? How does it feel to live with a queer, trans or any other sexual/gender identity? Where to locate body awareness on our sexual identity map and how does it look like? What is in between our legs? How is it connected with our other body parts, such as our brain? Let’s play and make it visible!

I invite to participate anyone who likes to play, is open to experiment and feels like getting connected with her-or himself and with others in a creative way. We will (re)make our own pussies, cocks and anything we have in a playful way.

About the workshop

The ideal number of participants is 10-15. We will work in a comfortable, cozy space; in an atmosphere which fosters creativity. We will use materials such as fabrics, clay, papers, etc. The language of the workshop will be English.

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