Trafficking in the Netherlands – knowing what to do

Marijke Vronk:

“Measuring well is knowing what to do,” is the quote with which the report from the Dutch National Rapporteur Human Trafficking begins. In my first post about this report I showed that the author of the report doesn’t succeed in measuring well. But what about knowing what to do?

In order to take effective action against trafficking, it’s important to make a distinction between voluntary prostitution and trafficking. We want to make it difficult for criminals to exploit people and to force them to work, and we want to offer victims of these sorts of practices as effective and humane help as possible.

The Barrier Model
Making it as difficult as possible for traffickers, that is the goal of the barrier model. This involves barriers with regards to entrance/identity, housing, labour and fincances. According to this method, making it more complicated for traffickers to make women work as prostitutes will cause trafficking to decrease. The author believes that this model is very sensible and proposes expanding it.

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