Get a Room! A’dam – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

getaroomGet a Room! A’dam – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
with Marije Janssen

Thank you to Get a room for hosting the “Let’s talk about sex” screening and discussion. And thank you to the great audience for your questions and opinions. It was very inspiring! — with Marije Janssen, Jonah Lamers, Leah Katarzyna Zejdler Buragiewicz and Mester Dóra Djamila.

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Sexual education is always a topic that gets the emotions heated. What’s the best way to teach kids about sex? Opinions vary widely, from abstinence only regulations in the US to the open views on sexuality in the Netherlands. Are we really so open minded in teaching our kids about sex?

Research shows that a this generation is more conservative about sex than the ones that cane before them. Why? And we need to educate them about pornography and in what way? Do they learn about the dangers or also about the pleasures of sexuality?

In the documentary ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ (2009), we look at differences between the US and the Netherlands. Teenagers, parents and educators share their experiences and we look at different ways of educating around the world, including a view on the abstinence only movement.

Afterwards we’ll talk with different experts about their views and experiences on sexual education. Amongst them the creators of the GenderBread Kit: a creative way to explain and talk about gender identity and diversity. Check out their website here:

Practical info
When: Tuesday June 3
What time: 20.30 h
Where: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
How much: 5 euro (reservations via

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