What do you expect when deciding to talk about your sexual life with a therapyst?

Akward moments, translating the name of your “parts” into decent words, trying to overcome your embarrassment in a very formal doctor-patient environment.

Forget all about these stereotypes when deciding to meet Dora. During our meetings I felt like chatting with my best friend over a cup of tea, zero akwardness, very easy going atmosphere. In the same time our conversation was very effective and really helped me to find confidence in my sexuality. What I specially appreciated was the equality; Dora never made me feel that I was a patient, nor did she hide herself behind the indifferent role of a therapyst. She made me feel comfortable by sharing her own stories and experiences that really helped me to release my anxiety and to be able to talk about such an intimate topic.

I truly recommend her for anyone who wants to improve his or her sexual life or just wants to talk about sex with someone without embarrassment.