Why shall I talk about my sexual life with a professional?


Because sometimes it is difficult to keep the balance in between multiple tasks, priorities, relations, roles within the family, in the relationship with our partner and within our own life. Because sometimes we need to stop for a second to look back to see what is actually happening if we don´t want things to go in a wrong way. Sometimes we need to step back to be able to reflect, have a quiet moment to listen to, to feel, to ask some urging questions to ourselves… Sometimes it comes easier with someone who helps us to create this quiet space, keep the distance from our own life, asks questions, keeps the mirror in the right angle and with whom we can share our confusing, sometimes secretive dilemmas.

As a personal coach / counselor for more than ten years I help my clients to heal issues in their sexual life or relationships. I support their efforts to solve problems, work with their dilemmas through talking, sharing, re-focusing, asking the right questions, or just simply listening. I offer ideas, feedback, tools and support, so they can step out from their established routines and move forward with their lives. Sometimes my role is beyond words; it is appreciative attention, being present, feeling and using the energy of the situation, accepting the other person without judgements, and creating a safe space of mutual trust.

sex related

I facilitate a process where my clients will be able to identify the real blockage in their sexual life or relationship. We work on issues such:

  • sexuality / (changing) desire(s) in a (long-term) relationship
  • complicated desires / open relationships
  • parenthood and sexuality (pregnancy, postpartum, family life and sexuality)
  • sexual identities and body issues
  • self-confidence, body-image (every age) – how to find your own way within social, cultural expectations
  • missing orgasm
  • erection problems
migration, life transitions

To my clients, who moved from a place to another,  I give support to gain back their lost balance, to stay or get connected and activate all their (hidden) resources to feel empowered again. We work on issues such:

  • relationship / self-image / sexuality imbalance caused by migration or other life transition
  • how to manage conflicting gender roles due to becoming a parent or other life transition or due to the change in your cultural environment
  • self-confidence, identity, motivation issues due to migration / transition- how to activate your resources, find a balance, get empowered again

I live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but I have clients from many countries in Europe.  Feel free to contact me.