garden projects

In my work I see the physical space which has a crucial role to create security and intimacy for the emotional work and being able to get connected with ourselves and with others. For many years I have been working as a creator, facilitator or as a volunteer on different garden projects where gardening fosters social integration, community building or healing.

KK33 Budapest | 2008-2013 | community in a historic garden

Feldmár Summer University Camp | 2015 | “Transition – creation, maintenance, destruction” – group sessions with gardening

Laterna Magica, Amsterdam | 2016- | herb and vegetable garden with children

Muiderslot, Amsterdam | 2015- | working in a medieval vegetable garden

The European Garden – Project Laputa

I have a long-term project plan about creating a green place, a Garden, a ´European garden´. This garden would not belong to a particular country but would be interconnected; floating above cultures but also embedded into the culture of its physical location. This would be a safe place for integration, arrival. A space where people would heal traumas, where they could rebuild their losses.