Muiderslot – a medieval herb and vegetable garden

Muiderslot, Amsterdam  – working in a medieval vegetable garden | The Netherlands | 2015 –

2016zomer1Muiderslot was one of the first places we visited after arriving to the Netherlands. The ‘Amsterdam Castle’, one of Holland’s most picturesque medieval castles, located only 3o minutes by bike from IJburg, where we live. I fell in love with its beautiful old garden.

2016zomer2Finally, I ended up working in this garden as a volunteer, once a week with a group of enthusiastic volunteers (vrijwilligers) who maintain this medieval herb- and vegetable garden. We are the warmoezeniers. When I applied, I was wondering whether it was possible to work here. I missed my garden, the physical work, the beauty of nature. But I receive much more here: I belong to a community, we are sharing recipes, stories from our countries, the names and use of the plants, flowers. I learn Dutch. I feel useful. I receive respect, attention and love.