coach, trainer, educator

liegeMy professional identity

I work on the field of sexuality, gender, identity, social encounters.

I work with individuals and couples as a private counselor.

I work a lot with children and young adults. I taught sexuality educational classes in high schools; for the Roma; as well as for mentally disabled youth. I taught a university course about the social construction of sexuality in the Western World for social science Masters students.

I work with adults: professionals, teachers and trainers and train them how to offer compassionate, non-judgmental information on sexuality in a variety of formal and informal setting, and teach how to explore attitudes, beliefs and values around sexuality in a safe manner. I use non-formal, interactive teaching methods that integrate the principles and practices of adult education with individual teaching / working styles.

I offer in-service trainings and support for professionals.

I work with social workers, mental health professionals, teachers, educators, non-profit agency service providers, communities and social groups and offer them counseling, services and (professional) supervision. At the moment I am working with several Dutch and Hungarian NGOs and counseling, train their staff on issues of personal/professional boundaries, sex and gender related information, gain a better understanding of sexuality in their professional life, encourage their self-development and communication skills.

I develop teaching curricula, training programs and methodologies.

I was involved in multiple international research and training projects that addressed body-related themes such as health, disease, gender, age, sexuality and disability in an intercultural dimension. I led the development of teaching programs on that topic in the context of the European Grundtvig LLP project called BODY.

I am an activist.

I am the founder and leader of a Budapest based non-profit civil organization, Ars Erotica Foundation for sexuality education and for the acceptance of sexual cultures.

I write articles as a sex columnist for popular women’s magazines. I organize sex workshops and educational events for adults on topics such as, “sex and motherhood”, “sex toys”, “sexuality in long-term relationships”, and “sex and aging”.

I am a scholar.

I’ve written a book on motherhood and sexuality that is based on interviews with Hungarian mothers and fathers. This book is a Foucauldian analysis of the norms and beliefs surrounding the mother as a sexual object and womanhood in Western culture.