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Training / consultancy / support for professionals, trainers and teachers:
  • Facilitating in-service trainings for staff at Programma Prostitutie, Gemeente Amsterdam in Amsterdam, (NL) (2016)
  • Facilitating in-service trainings and providing regular case discussions for staff at SHOP Den Haag – hulp en opvang prostitutie en mensenhandel ( in Den Hague, (NL) (continuously since 2014)
  • Migration, culture, identity and sexuality:  participation as a trainer and the leader of Ars Erotica Foundation in the „Body, society, culture: together for integration” Erasmus+, Key Action 1 Mobility Project (2015-2016)
  • Facilitating The Training Course “EIRENE – European Intercultural Education towards a New Era of Understanding”, addressed to youth workers, youth leaders, youth advisors and project managers working in the youth field with CESIE (, (Palermo, Italy) (November, 2015)
  • Facilitating in-service trainings and field work based group sessions on the BODY methodology for the staff and refugee professionals at CESIE (, (Palermo, Italy) (November-December, 2015)
  • Guest speaker and facilitator of workshops at´Out of the box´ Expertmeeting organized by Spot46 ( in Den Hague, (NL) (November, 2015)
  • Facilitating in-service training for staff at Planning Familial, Luxemburg (planning.familial), (Luxemburg) (November, 2014)
  • Facilitating in-service trainings and regular case discussions for staff at Spot46 ( in Den Hague, (NL) (since 2014)
  • Facilitating the BODY international in-service training for professionals, care-givers, adult educators on culture, body, health, gender, sexuality and disability based on the BODY LLP Grundtvig project (Palermo, Italy, September, 2014)
  • Regular case-discussions for social workers involved in the, “Only for Women”, needle exchange program at KÉK Pont Foundation, Budapest, 2010-2012
  • Workshops: Budapest-based local trainings and international trainings for trainers involved in adult education. In particular working with multicultural groups or teachers, trainers of body-related activities, social workers, health professionals performing educational activities, and students of adult education, (BODY LLP Grundtvig project, funded by the European Commission) (
  • Facilitating the first BODY international in-service training for professionals involved in adult education (BODY LLP Grundtvig project) (Budapest/ Hungary, July, 2013)
  • Organizing conferences and workshops for teachers involved or interested in sex-education with the TEIS Youth Foundation, (financed by the Ministry of National Resources – IFJ-GY-11).
  • Participating in the Sex/sexuality education – personal development, prevention of discrimination and violence (In cooperation with the Council of Europe Programme “Building a Europe for and with children”) co-operational and training program in between October 2013- May 2014.
  • Sexuality education in schools: design, organize and facilitate 30-hour-long in-service methodological trainings for teachers and parents (5-12 grade). In the frame of the Pestalozzi Programme and Ars Erotica Foundation (Budapest, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Agárd / Hungary) (April 2016, September 2o15, March, August 2014).
Sexuality education and awareness-raising for adults:
  •  Teaching a course about the social construction of sexuality in the Western World – at Budapest University of ELTE; (see syllabus)
  • Writing articles as sex columnist at popular women magazines (HVG pszichológia, NLC, Meglepetés, MOHA);
  • Organizing sex workshops and educational events for adults on various topics such as Sex and Motherhood, Sex Toys, Sexuality in Long-term Relationships, Sex and Aging, etc.
  • Facilitating workshops for queer organizations, and festivals: Labrisz – Lesbian Association, budapestpride LMBT fest, LIFT Hungarian Lesbian Festival, Queeristan (Amsterdam, NL).
  • Writing a book on motherhood and sexuality which is based on quantitative research with in-depth interviews of Hungarian mothers and fathers. This book is a Foucauldian analysis on the norms and beliefs surrounding the mother as a sexual object and womanhood in our Western culture. This book titled, Woman, Mother, Lover was published in Hungarian in March, 2013.
  • Sexuality and relationship coaching/consultation for women, men and couples;
  • Participation and lectures at conferences, roundtable discussions of sexuality and topics such as, “Children, Porn and the Internet”, (organized by the International Children’s Safety Service).
  • Hosting a weekly talk-show on sex and sexuality on TILOS community radio.
Sexuality education for youth (age 14-18):
  • Comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education in municipal high schools (Budapest, 7. district, Kertész u. , Dob u.), in co-operation with Cseresznye Youth Center. The  two-year long pilot project is funded by TAMOP (EU);
  • Sex educational workshops for Roma youth in co-operation with Pince Youth Center, Budapest, 20. district;
  • Sex educational workshops for youth and counseling at József Attila Orphanage, Budapest, 19. district;
  • Sex educational workshops at ELTE – Apáczai Csere János High School and Dormitory, Budapest, 5. district;
  • Sex educational workshops at Deák Ferenc High School Dormitory, Budapest, 11. district;
  • Comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education Waldorf Alternative School and Kindergarden in Fót, HU;
  • Sex education workshops for mentally disabled youth for the Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability;

In between November 2006- June 2007 I was a volunteer sex educator on the switchboard at San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), San Francisco, (US) a free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, non-judgmental information about sex. I also worked for the Centre for Sex and Culture; a San Francisco-based non-profit organization for sexual cultures.

Garden projects:
  • KK33 Budapest – community in a historic garden | Hungary| 2008-2013
  • Feldmár Summer University Camp | Hungary | July 2015
  • Muiderslot, Amsterdam  – working in a medieval vegetable garden | The Netherlands | 2015 –
  • Laterna Magica, Amsterdam – herb and vegetable garden with children | The Netherlands | 2016 –
My education:
  • Study visit and job shadowing at CESIE ( Palermo, Italy in the frame of Erasmus+, Key Action 1, Mobility Grant. (November-December 2015)
  • between October 2013 – May 2014, Sex/sexuality education – Personal development, prevention of discrimination and violence – the Pestalozzi Programme European Modules for Trainer Training.
  • May 2011,  “In Between Us” –  Sexuality in Europe – participating at, “Using Art As A Pedagogical Tool”, international Grundtvig workshop. 20 participants were involved from 11 countries: Slovakia, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary. Organizer: CESIE – Palermo.
  • August 2006,  Earned my sex education diploma at San Francisco Sex Information ((SFSI –, which is a free information and referral switchboard providing anonymous, accurate, non-judgmental information about sexuality in the US. In 2006 I was an independent visiting scholar at the Centre for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, CA; and I conducted fieldwork on SF-based sexuality, adult education and communication.
  • Fall 2006, Certified Sex Educator, Sex Educator Training, San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI – (US).
  • Ph.D. Candidate on Sociology at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Dissertation theme: Future Prospects of Sexuality Education in Hungary.
  • Fall 2004, NYC, (US), Visiting Researcher at Rutgers University.
  • Széchenyi István College of Social Sciences; courses listened to: social sciences, anthropology, and gender studies.
  • MA in International Relations (major) and Marketing communication (minor) at Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Hungary.
Publications, Books
  • Where am I coming from and where am I going? – article on migration, identity and relationship in Humans on the move,
  • Introduction to the intercultural approach of sexuality; article for professionals in the BODY project anthology (, Amsterdam, 2013.
  • Woman, Mother, Lover- Motherhood and Sex, Jaffa Kiadó, Budapest, 2013.
  • Where is Happiness Nowadays? (Hol a boldogság mostanában?), book chapter in Párkapcsolat Klinika psychological series, Kulcslyuk Kiadó, Budapest, 2011.
  • Lovers (Szeretők), book chapter in Szeretők, titkos viszonyok lélektana, Jaffa Kiadó, Budapest, 2009.
  • Father, What is Orgasm? (Apa, mi az az orgazmus?), book chapter in Igazi vagy?, Jaffa Kiadó, Budapest, 2008.
  • Writing articles as a sex columnist for popular magazines, (HVG pszichológia, NLC, Elle, Meglepetés, MOHA).


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