I offer case-discussion group sessions, which are the most effective way of helping staff and co-workers in care-giving professions. The advantage of group sessions is that staff members and co-workers can help each other in their work by sharing their experiences, emotions, and offering good/bad examples. A facilitated group session offers useful professional feedback and emotionally support, which benefits staff members both individually and as a group. This kind of professional support is always based on the current needs of the participants.

Beyond regular group sessions I offer individual consultation opportunities for co-workers based on their particular needs.


Participants bring their (emotionally, socially, professionally) difficult cases to the group sessions where we discuss them and look at the relevant circumstances. Support comes from the session leader as well as from the participants. I lead group sessions using the Balint Method (

Currently I live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. If you are a professional and interested in my consultation services for yourself or  in your organization I invite you to get in touch. Let’s find out what you need and what I can offer you!

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