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Consultations for individuals and couples

I offer private consultations for individuals and couples who feel comfortable sharing their question or problem in a more intimate environment. These sessions lie somewhere in-between coaching and therapy.

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I facilitate a process where my clients will be able to identify the real blockage in their sexual life or relationship. I support them finding out if this problem is rooted in a life-situation that can be solved by talking, sharing, focusing, asking questions, or active listening. My role is to offer ideas, feedback, tools, and support to stop spinning in a vicious circle and move forward. Sometimes my role is beyond words; it lies in appreciative attention, being present, feel and use the energy of the situation, accepting the other person without judgements and create a safe space of mutual trust. We work on issues such:

  • sexuality / (changing) desire(s) in a (long-term) relationship
  • parenthood and sexuality (pregnancy, postpartum, family life and sexuality)
  • sexual identities and body issues
  • self-confidence, body-image (every age) – how to find your own way within social, cultural expectations
  • missing orgasm
  • erection problems


migration, life transitions

To my clients, who moved from a place to another,  I give support to gain back their lost balance, to stay or get connected and activate all their (hidden) resources to feel empowered again. We work on issues such:

  • relationship / self-image / sexuality imbalance caused by migration or other life transition
  • how to manage conflicting gender roles due to becoming a parent or other life transition or due to the change in your cultural environment
  • self-confidence, identity, motivation issues due to migration / transition- how to activate your resources, find a balance, get empowered again

If you want to get an impression about my approach to the topics above, let´s take a look on my articles.

I live and work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but I have clients from many countries in Europe.  Feel free to contact me.


Workshops, group sessions

For adults (both men and women, individuals and couples) I provide workshops and supportive group sessions about a wide range of sexual topics.parkapcsolatnok

 These include,  ´sex and parenting´, ´sexuality and motherhood´, “the anatomy of pleasure”, “sexual anatomy for adults”, “pussy workshop”, “sex anatomy only for women”, “sex toys”,  “sex and relationship”, “sex in a long-term relationship”, “sex and aging”, “sex and illness”, “body image”, “sexual orientation”, “sexual identity and body issues”, “transition in life and in sexuality”, ´flirting through cultures´, etc. I offer workshops dealing with the topic of sexuality and motherhood such as pregnancy and sexuality, the “fourth trimester”, sexuality and motherhood, how to talk about sex with our kids, etc.

In addition, I offer workshops for many organizations, communities and social groups, such as queer activist groups, youth organizations, as well as sex or gender-related programs and festivals.

With these group works I love to experiment, be inspired by the place, the theme, and by the participants. I do believe in sharing and enjoy how the group brings together knowledge and energy.

You can find more about one of my last workshops here.

If you’d like to arrange a workshop or group session for your community group or professional organization I invite you to get in touch. Let’s find out what you need and what I can offer you!

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