For adults (both men and women, individuals and couples) I provide workshops and supportive group sessions about a wide range of sexual topics. These include,  “the anatomy of pleasure”, “sexual anatomy for adults”, “pussy workshop”, “sex anatomy only for women”, “sex toys”,  “sex and relationship”, “sex in a long-term relationship”, “sex and aging”, “sex and illness”, “body image”, “sexual orientation”, “sexual identity and body issues”, “transition in life and in sexuality”, etc. I offer workshops dealing with the topic of sexuality and motherhood such as pregnancy and sexuality, the “fourth trimester”, sexuality and motherhood, how to talk about sex with our kids, etc.

In addition, I offer workshops for many organizations, communities and social groups, such as queer activist groups, youth organizations, as well as sex or gender-related programs and festivals.

With these group works I love to experiment, be inspired by the place, the theme, and by the participants. I do believe in sharing and enjoy how the group brings together knowledge and energy.

Why should we learn about sex?

Despite the myths we have about sex, nobody is born knowing all about it. We all have to learn it somewhere and fortunately this process doesn’t stop at a certain age. As we move through life, new sexual opportunities and challenges come to our life. New relationships, changing bodies, medical issues, and shifting desires offer us wonderful chances to grow. These opportunities can also be quite confusing, especially when they create tension with our sense of self and who we are in the world.

Now the internet is a great place to look for many things and beyond the fact that there is a lot of inaccurate information out there, the internet misses the most important thing: the personal, and the face-to-face human interaction. While reading a webpage is a great way to get information, an interactive consultation or workshop can be an inspiring and empowering learning experience. That’s especially true when you’re not sure what questions you need to ask, or if you need support or advice specific to your situation.

My experience as a group facilitator enables me to create enough structure to make my group sessions cohesive, while retaining the flexibility needed to offer customized information that is relevant and useful for the people I’m speaking with. I create each workshop to meet the needs of the group.

If you’d like to arrange a workshop or group session for your community group or professional organization I invite you to get in touch. Let’s find out what you need and what I can offer you!

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